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Resident Communities

Care home residents enjoy opportunities to engage in pleasurable, sensual pastime such as massage; cocktail hours and dances.  Residents should be involved in selecting and planning activities for their care home that keep intimacy and sexuality alive. 

How we can help

We help Resident Communities by:

  • Provide sexuality and sexual health seminars for residents
  • Source and provide sexual aids and services that have met our quality standards for aged care
  • Provide consultation and assistance in care planning for individual residents
  • Provide links to other like-minded organisations and schemes such as LGBTIQ visitor’s programs

Case study

Gina, a General Manager of an aged care facility, noticed that it was common for many residents who identified as LGBTI on admission did not disclose this to other residents. Gina organised a series of sexual health seminars for all residents using an external specialist.

The sessions gave the LGBTI residents an opportunity to raise their concerns about acceptance without disclosure and found other residents to be accepting.  At the end of the series, the residents presented Gina with a list of activities they would like, including dances and cocktail parties while LGTBI residents learned about a volunteer visitation and advocacy program.  The mood of the care homes improved and there was a general atmosphere of openness and joy. 

The Research Behind Us

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